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October 11, 2013
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a bunch of zombie killers and peeps by Sir-Erdgeist a bunch of zombie killers and peeps by Sir-Erdgeist
Four OCs you may or may not have seen before! (i've included katricia and calder in sketcharrheas b4 but they underwent a few changes)
These guys have already existed in my mind for nearly two years now, but now I finally have some refs!

The first two are from The Dogs Organization and the last two are from Spectrehunt.

Katricia Golden
Twenty-six years old.
Long and wavy dirty-blonde hair. Brown eyes with green flecks.

She’s a cunning Hunter who specializes in close combat and diplomacy. She usually works undercover and is still in transition from her former Hunter position (killing zombies and people). She isn’t completely committed to The Dogs Organization, but isn’t entirely on Ellis’ side, either; they hardly trust each other, so she only joins Ellis on official business. She’s exceptional at close-ranged combat and is very fast, but lacks the accuracy needed for effective long-ranged weapon use.

Pairings if you wanna: Laura (in the img below), Ellis, or Duke.
Katricia and Laura are good friends and often end up meeting at some point or another during Enforcer cases (given Laura’s position as a lead lab technician). There’s more than meets the eye with these two.
Ellis and Katricia often work together on official Enforcer business. Though they don’t exactly trust each other (given Ellis’ lack of morals and Katricia’s recent defection from the Hunters), they work well together and share a bit of banter on and off-duty.
Katricia and Duke sometimes work together, but not very often. Duke does, however, harbour a huge crush on Katricia and tries to impress her often, which she sometimes takes advantage of—

Laura Lancashire
Twenty-eight years old.
Medium-length black hair, usually tied up. Brown eyes.

A talented lab technician whose forte lies in forensics. She's extremely meticulous in everything she does and isn't particularly loyal to the Hunters or the Enforcers (though money always talks), but possesses a strong conscience. She won't openly speak about her misgivings, though she'll instead will send a lot of nasty looks of disapproval and snide remarks in the offender's direction. Highly sarcastic. Often ends up working with Katricia and Duke. Doesn't generally fight at all, but for some reason is great at aiming needles with deadly precision.

Khalid Samara
Twenty-three years old.
Short, slightly-gelled black hair. Black eyes.

An intelligent and laid-back university student who's currently in the Pharmacy program. He's most often cheerful and witty, and an all-around good guy who looks out for his friends. Though he isn't particularly strong or fast and can't help with physically beating back zombies like Calder can, he's pretty good with strategy and has a bit of medical know-how. He often serves as the calm and collected voice of reason in the group. His weapons of choice are usually rifles or firearms in general. Best friends with Calder.

Calder O’Flannagan
Twenty-two years old.
Short ginger hair with a bit of a fringe (he always wears that particular baseball cap). Indigo eyes.

He’s a disillusioned young university student who majors in English/History and doesn’t know what to do with his life…until the zombie apocalypse suddenly strikes. His strength, stamina, and agility are pretty high, but he isn’t that great when it comes to strategy or even just talking to people; he has a terrible temper but is otherwise stoic and subdued. Calder’s pretty good with various weapons (particularly favouring his trusty baseball bat, which says ‘Zombie Killer Extraordinaire’, various polearm-like weapons, and shotguns). His baseball cap has three stars on each side of the bill and says O’Flannagan along the panel. He’s rather cynical and blunt the few times he actually talks, but writes in an eloquent and flowery manner. Best friends with Khalid. Gradually begins to decay later on when infected.

Calder and Khalid are pretty much best friends. Calder’s kind of a blunt and cynical guy who’s a bit socially-inept, but Khalid more than makes up for this with his friendly and talkative nature. Conversely, sometimes Khalid needs a break from it all, especially when faced with such a horrifying situation and his inability to fight zombies, and in this way, Calder tries to keep him company whenever he gets back and with little gestures here and there.

two drawings in consecutive days for once
'cause i'll probably be playing pokemon for the entire weekend LOL
To date, Calder's probably my favourite or at least one of my top favourite OCs
and whoa, look, i actually drew girls for once!
katricia's my favourite girl oc to draw
also tried writing their names in their supposed penmanship styles
I wish my name was Calder O'Flannagan because his name is so much fun to write
the way Khalid 'writes' is pretty fun, too!
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beaautifull :3
Sir-Erdgeist Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
winks thx lily
I have been watching your art for ages! I am always impressed by your work :) keep it up!
Sir-Erdgeist Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh wow, why thank you! i hope to keep improving!
hello beuaitfuls
Sir-Erdgeist Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
winks hey man
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